Schizophrenia. An illness with a label so devastating and treatment so harrowing, that in 1939, it could lock you away for life. 

Confined to a mental hospital during World War Two, her identity whittled away, my great-aunt spoke in broken whispers to the one person she trusted, my grandfather.

Using real letters and my grandfather's personal account, A THIN SHEET OF GLASS traces the lines of my great-aunt's splintered life. It is a tale of love and courage beyond reason and against the odds. A woman determined to resist the evil of Fascism to the limits of her endurance. A woman who cannot be defined by her illness.

A heart-breaking story told with such perfect clarity and restraint as to make it even more poignant and thought provoking. Jane is a character who will haunt me.


Ruth Hogan, Best-selling author of A KEEPER OF LOST THINGS

A THIN SHEET OF GLASS is now available to buy as an e-book and in print. 
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