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Profile photo Pippa Beecheno Historical Psychological Fiction Author

There was no stopping me, growing up. With three younger sisters to tell stories to, my cardboard box of fully illustrated pocket books filled up in no time. Tree dryads, foxes and smugglers caught my imagination at an early age, most likely due to avid reading of The Lord of the Rings, Fantastic Mr Fox, and a variety of adventure tales from Kidnapped and Catriona to Jamaica Inn.

My love of adventure and dramatic writing was later tempered by my degree in English Literature, a nudge towards a subtler, more evocative approach. Nowadays I aim to combine action and pace with atmosphere and imagery, making my writing immersive and hopefully addictive! 

Travelling in my twenties, I lived and worked with people around the world whose kindness and hospitality, despite hardship and trauma, were astonishing. When I got home to London and settled into full-time work, I wanted, like my great-aunt before me, to advocate for social inclusion and tolerance, working with older and disabled people and a wide range of multi-cultural groups. 

My road to publication began with my grandfather's account of his sister's life, long conversations with my grandmother and an incredible treasure trove of personal letters. From there, A THIN SHEET OF GLASS evolved.

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